Need software that you can license to your own customers, or offer on a subscription basis as a new revenue stream for your company? We can build it.

White Label Software Development

White label software is a convenient way for you to keep adding new value to your existing clients or add a new strand to your portfolio without the distractions, costs or time associated with product development.

How we can help you

From web apps to mobile apps, cloud-based or desktop (sometimes called on-premise or shrinkwrap) solutions, using our Agile methodology we can quickly and efficiently conceptualise, design and build a finished application for you. We can even:

Take a look at our business apps and mobile apps pages to see the types of white label software we can create on your behalf.

Why work with DCSL?

Whether you know your exact requirements or need our help, we’ll work with you to create a quality product for your customers that’s intuitive, clever and immaculately designed.

Because in most cases you’ll want us to create your software as quickly as possible, we make the process of working with us simple, fast and transparent. With DCSL you’ll always get:

  • a single point of contact: communication is one of the biggest issues in software development; having a single contact goes a long way to avoid miscommunication
  • clear Intellectual Property (IP) rights: basically, the IP is yours! So you won’t have to pay any license fees
  • a functional spec that you can understand – we write the spec in English, not technical jargon. It’s a useful document to give to project stakeholders to supplement their knowledge
  • full training on your software, on site or at our offices in Farnborough and central London. It’s generally never needed as we develop our apps to be intuitive, but it’s there if you’d like it or if you’d like to offer it to your customers

Take a look at what else you’ll get when you work with us.


We’re a Microsoft Partner, so our technology of choice is ASP.Net MVC5 with HTML5 and C# programming, WPF for desktop/tablet components and WCF Web Services to link systems together.

For the database, we utilise Microsoft SQL Server, or an Azure Database, including extensive use of the core Database Engine, Integration, Analysis and Reporting services. For big-data scenarios we also use the NoSQL database engine, such as Cosmos DB. We can also work with MySQL and Oracle, if preferred.

The technology they use is always impressive too, he concludes. I particularly like the traffic light features with this system, which make it very easy to pick out any issues. The output is very clear; the beauty of the system is its simplicity. Read more.

John Dyson

Managing Director & Founder


If we can help with your white label software development, give our team a call on 020 3096 6199. We’d love to hear from you.