SH is similar to the Project rescue scenario in that it is for organisations with existing software, specifically .net based sql server software. They don’t know the quality of the software they’ve got.

How we can help:

  • evaluation code
  • Database structure
  • a report is sent
  • we take on the software and advise

typical secenario = a company like click2purchase has no developers so Alexis sent a report  ….

Software development healthcheck

When it comes to software, for example an e-ticketing solution or software that you can license to your own customers, as with any other capital purchase it needs to deliver a decent return on investment. If you have existing software then a development health check, specifically for .NET based SQL server software will help you determine the quality of the software that you’ve got of which we can advise. This will ensure that it’s kept running efficiently for many years to come solving a specific problem for your business.

Before you invest your whole software budget on another new software system, protect your investment by ensuring it has followed a strict diet of prototyping & specification writing, followed the field-proven agile process and testing has been carried out and it has been approved before ‘go-live’.

Follow this formula and you’ve already succeeded but if you already have software that you’d like us to help with, our experienced consultants can help too.

How can we help you?

If your original software no longer matches your requirements, especially if the software system was built by someone else a new solution is probably what you need, in which case we can help you do the necessary checks and guide you towards the next steps.

There’s nothing worse than having a software system or application that you aren’t very knowledgeable about, it’s an integral part of the business and the whole of your business’ success hinges on it, but you just don’t know what your options are.

Here are some business apps which we’ve created that are now fit for purpose


Come and talk to us; we’re friendly and we’ll talk to you in a language you’ll understand. We can meet you to discuss your business, your existing software set-up, what your goals are and offer assistance and the health check. You can let us carry out the recommendations that we report back on or you’re free to take the report and go elsewhere.

We’d love to turn your business’s application into something that will offer you the returns your business needs; give our team a call on 020 3096 6199 to discuss your options.
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