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Telemarketing & CRM Software

Simple to use, cost effective lead processing and customer relations management

Relate to your customers the way you want without compromise using a tailor made communications platform.


This section covers two areas of expertise offered by DCSL Software that often work hand in hand with each other.  If you have a need for either or both, get in touch with us today to get started.


Whether you're handling inbound calls for you or on behalf of another company, or planning an outbound prospecting campaign, our in-house developed call scripting platform will be ideal for you.

First Contact SAAS was launched to offer customers a simple to use, quick to set up, value for money alternative to other more complex services on the market.  Rather than bamboozle you with functionality that hampers your thirst to get started, First Contact is designed to eliminate the hassle and get your agents up and running in no time without significant upfront investment.

The software provides the following key features and benefits:

  • A hosted application, accessible from any location, removing the need for expensive hardware and office-based restrictions.
  • Set up multiple campaigns with customised scripts through an intuitive designer tool
  • Intelligent scripting to guide an agent logically through calls with repeatable and predictable results
  • Powerful reporting and monitoring through the Administrator interface to keep you in real-time control
  • Set appointments for sales representatives using a familiar calendar interface
  • CRM integration enables you to transfer qualified leads into your CRM application, avoiding clutter and adding real value.
  • Payment integration means you can process payments during a call
  • Create and track marketing campaigns through First Contact to monitor return on investment and tailor future marketing strategy

We find that First Contact is an ideal and popular tool either as a stand alone application or as part of a wider requirement including the development of custom CRM applications for our customers. 

To learn more, you can visit, call us on 01252 531 421 or send us a message using the Contact Us form on the left-hand panel of this page.

CRM systems

So, why do customers ask us to develop CRM systems for them, when there are so many established off-the-shelf products in the market?

The answer is simple:  people don't want to be told how to speak to their customers!

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  We all have unique ways of managing the relationships we have with our customers.  We want to store data that is specific to the way we work and not based on the limitations of a standard off-the-shelf system.

Most companies trial off-the-shelf systems, but find they do too much, and often not what they really need it to do.  To customise these systems is often cost prohibitive and the investment difficult to justify.  So there is a choice to make here:

1.  Do you buy an expensive, limited, vanilla system and shoe-horn your relationship management into a standard system?

2.  Do you work with us to build a value for money, tailor-made system that helps you look after your customers and opportunities the way you want?

For us, and the customers we work with, the answer to this question is also simple.  Using our experience and expertise, combined with your goals and processes, we craft a system using the latest web technology to ensure it compliments your customer relationships, without limitation.

We have developed CRM systems for companies in all types of industry.  It's true that some CRM functions are consistent across the board.  We set ourselves apart by ensuring you only get the elements you need in one flexible system, as well as the parts that differentiate you from the competition.  This leaves you to focus on the most important part of CRM - looking after your customers.

To learn more about our service, why not call for a chat on 01252 531 421, email us your thoughts to, text chat in in real time via the Live Chat link at the top of this page or fill in the adjacent Contact Us form.