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Maintenance & Support

Long term partnerships to help you every step of the way 

Once applications are delivered, we don’t just walk away.  We're in it for the long term and will support and maintain your system throughout its lifecycle.

Maintenance & support

A simple application might not need more than a little TLC, but a large-scale enterprise application can demand constant attention and maintenance.  For example, an application processing millions of database transactions with hundreds or even thousands of users will require continuous technical involvement and client care, a situation we are well prepared to undertake.

Our support agreements are integrated with the software we provide, so you can rest assured that you're supported following launch.  We work to clear Service Level Agreement terms, committing us to responding to your needs quickly through our in-house front line support team, our developers and our online Helpdesk system.

See our Case Studies & Client Portfolio page for more information on how we have helped companies including BT Wholesale, the NHS and IKEA to realise their software solutions with DCSL.

Get in touch to find out more by emailing us at, calling us on 01252 235422 or via the Contact Us form on this page.

Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer of DCSL Software and looking for support now, please get in touch as follows:

  • Please send an email to providing full details on your issue, including steps you have taken before arriving at the problem, and attach a screenshot of the display once the error has occurred.  See below for information on taking screenshots.  On receiving your email, a ticket will be created in our Helpdesk system, and a confirmation email sent back to you.  Your ticket will then be triaged and assigned to one of our development team for action.
  • If your issue is urgent, please complete step 1, then call us directly on 01252 235422 to explain that the issue requires immediate attention.  This course of action should be used if the issue compromises your ability to work, or the working experience of your customers.

Taking Screen Shots

When you're looking at your screen and an error has occurred, you can effectively take a copy of the screen at that moment.  Seeing this helps us see what you are seeing and may lead to swifter resolution of your problem.

To take a screen shot, click the [Print Screen] button (most likely at the top right of your keyboard).  Nothing will appear to happen, but the computer has stored a picture of your screen in its memory.

Now, open Microsoft Word and press [CTRL] + [V] to paste the image into the document.  Please save this document and send it to us along with your email describing what happened before the error occurred.

Remote Support

In most instances, we will require you to provide access to the computer experiencing the fault.  We are able to then see your monitor and if necessary, control it to further investigate the cause of the issue.

For further information, please click here.