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NHS and Healthcare

Healthcare professionals should focus on the needs of their service users, not flaws in their software

NHS and Healthcare

Alongside the The National Health Service (NHS), a network of not-for-profit organisations and charities work hard to provide care and support to the UK public.  Our experience in this industry means we understand the unique and sometimes frustrating challenges faced by individuals that have a passion for improving their service.

We are keen to help organisations improve their offering by removing unnecessary red tape, administration and long-winded processes, so they can focus on responding to the needs of their patients and service users more effectively.  This involves learning, collaboration and brainstorming to design software that supports the organisation without becoming a burden. 

DCSL Software has developed a wide range of software and websites including the NHS’s Blood Glucose Monitoring facility named Qpoint, which enables patients and healthcare professionals to have quality-assured and calibrated Glucose Meters.

Examples of our work in this industry include:


Frimley Park Hospital NHS Trust

A long term customer of DCSL Software, Frimley Park Hospital utilise our services on two independent systems.

The NHS Pathology website is designed to support a network of GP surgeries, private hospitals and others that use Frimley Park Hospital's Pathology service.  This includes a comprehensive Lab Test Directory, details of Point of Care testing and the Consumables Store, enabling subscribers to order equipment directly through the website.

The Qpoint Blood Glocuse Monitoring service is a QA scheme run by the Point of Care team.  Each month, around 5,000 healthcare professionals and patients are sent glucose samples with which to test their glucose meters.  The readings are submitted into the Qpoint system, which runs a complex algorithm to identify any meters that may not be working correctly.


Brighton and Hove Integrated Care Service

BICS was created to improve the referral process for GPs and their patients in the Brighton & Hove area.  The service takes over the responsibility for matching patients with the most suitable providers of care, providing patients with more choice and a quicker response than traditional hospital outpatient services.

BICS approached DCSL Software in 2008 to develop a comprehensive workflow application that would replace the fragmented tools they had in place.  Following consultation and planning, a new, web based database system was built to consolidate the process and deliver improvements in data handling, reporting and exception handling. 

The resulting system has provided the team in all areas of the organisation with an easy-to-use, consistent software application that helps them deliver their service effectively.

NHS Norfolk PCT

NHS Norfolk PCT approached BICS having learned of the service they were providing and the success it was bringing to the Brighton & Hove.  Two Referral Management Centres were then created to offer a similar service to over 250,000 patients in Norfolk per year, supported by customised versions of the software created for BICS.

We have worked closely with NHS Norfolk to train their users on the BICS version and determine ways to modify it to support their own specific service.


Omega - The National Association for End of Life Care

The team at Omega work with GPs and carers to improve the quality of end of life care throughout the UK.  Having identified a need to tackle poorly managed care for patients nearing the end of their lives, the organisation was set up to provide support to both professional and informal, unapid carers.

Omega approached DCSL Software in late 2008 to build the first in a collection of online database tools.  The system provides GPs with a sophisticated questionnaire to complete relating to the death of their patients and how the end of life care was managed.  This information is compared to the National picture to provide GP practices with direction on how to improve.  To read our case study on this project, please visit the Case Studies page.

Following the success of this initial system, subsequent versions of the tool aimed at other types of carers have been created and launched, including a tool dedicated to improving the standards of end of life care in care homes across the UK.

We continue to work closely with Omega NAELC to design and deliver simple-to-use, yet powerful database driven systems, and would welcome an opportunity to discuss how we can help you.


Scottish Huntington's Association

The Glasgow based charity approached DCSL Software in 2009 to develop an online database application to help run their service.  Having grappled with paper-based and fragmented software tools in the past, including Excel and Outlook, the organisation was keen to consolidate their data management into a single application that would help support the service provided by their team of healthcare professionals.

Within 24 hours of first contact, our representatives were sitting with the SHA operations director discussing the merits of investing in a system that would revolutionise the way the organisation works.  Close liaison with the administration and nursing teams led to the design and creation of a system that has been well received by all.  It has resulted in significant improvements in reporting capability and day to day case management which ultimately benefits the service users.


Pasante Healthcare Ltd

DCSL Software was commissioned to build a customer facing, content managed website to promote their range of condom products.  It includes related news, surveys and promotions designed to educate their visitors about the dangers of unsafe sex and how to protect themselves.