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While many may consider the world of insurance 'dull', we think quite the opposite.  This is due in part to it being a specialist area of expertise, with considerable in-house experience available to utilise.  We have a strong understanding of the unique challenges facing companies in this sector and what is important when conducting their business.

This enables us to design software applications that are focused on achieving results quickly and avoiding any part of the workflow falling through the cracks.  Strong emphasis on recording the right data to reflect in powerful management reports is key, as is the monitoring of timings and data accuracy.

Of course there are many different types of company that interact with the insurance sector and needs differ accordingly.  However, we are confident that the range of work we have completed to date makes us the ideal choice if you are seeking a sophisticated workflow system to manage your customers, policies, claims handling or reparations.


Graham High Group

GHG, along with sister companies BASE and HPC, began working with DCSL Software in 1997.  The remit was to dispense of fragmented data storage tools such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Word and Outlook and develop a comprehensive business management application to consolidate all aspects of their data handling.

The system currently in place manages claim data, associated documentation, timesheets and financial data, complimented by a raft of reports to help the management team stay on top of things.  It has continuously expanded to meet the changing demands of their customers.  We regularly consult to devise ways to overcome new requirements or incorporate the latest technical solutions to add value to their offering.

The latest development sees the integration of our own First Contact telemarketing solution to assist in managing incoming claims on behalf of their client.  This is in response to a shift in their focus, as demonstrates our commitment to working with our clients to overcome new challenges.

Further detail on our work with GHG can be found on the Case Studies page.


Willis Commercial Networks

DCSL Software is working with Willis to provide a CRM tool for their broker network.  This online system will assist their brokers to track their prospects and opportunities as well providing marketing tools to assist in their communications.


Tadley Services Group

Tadley Services specialises in cleaning and restoration work in the event of damage to property.  They work closely with loss adjustors and insurance companies to limit the cost of claims while providing end claimants with a sympathetic and quality resolution.

DCSL Software were commissioned by TSG to develop a new online web application to help manage their workflow from first contact through surveying, drying out and reparation to the successful return of goods to the end client.  It caters for the needs of specific areas of the business, including claims handling and communications, scheduling surveyor visitors and completing reports, collection, inventory and delivery of goods as well as financial management and accounting.


Amicable Building Assistance

The team at Amicable Building Assistance approached DCSL Software to help consolidate their data management into a single online system that would be accessed by their offices in Leeds and Epsom.  We have worked extensively to review their existing processes and improve upon them to streamline the way jobs are processed, providing both business and technical solutions.  This in turn increases their success rate when working to tight SLA timeframes.