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Waste-a-base - Waste Brokerage Company


Launched in the UK in September 2010, Waste-a-Base Ltd offers an independent and exhaustive range of waste disposal and recovery options to the industrial and commercial sector. It enables clients to identify the cheapest, greenest and most convenient way of offloading their unwanted by-products, with confidence that they are conforming to waste disposal regulations.

The company needed not only the usual back-office systems to run the business, but a powerful and robust web site to manage customer queries and searches, and to broker the transactions. The web site, which forms the core of the business, provides the mechanism for matching clients' needs with the most appropriate and convenient options while also providing them with a series of alternatives.

DCSL Software delivered a working system in three months. Chris Hallward, Managing Director, picks up the story:

"After sitting down with the DCSL Software design team for just a few days, we had agreed exactly what we wanted." commented Chris Hallward, Managing Director of Waste-a-base. "The web site, which is live now, is fast and reliable with significant capacity for growth so we do not have to worry about its performance."

DCSL Software created the web site and back-office systems using the latest Microsoft .NET framework and Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools. The website also contains some sophisticated algorithms to enable accurate haulage quotes.

The unique service offered by Waste-a-Base gives the company a clear competitive advantage, allowing construction and demolition companies to be able to quickly source cost-effective, convenient and sustainable waste management options.

"DCSL Software is very responsive, and our relationship with the team is excellent" commented Chris, "They implicitly understand our requirements, so we won't have to start from scratch as we take this forward. DCSL's dynamic approach to development and its rigorous testing procedures mean we're in good hands; together we make a very powerful team."

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