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Mytime Active is commissioned by the NHS and other organisations to help local communities in the reduction of health inequalities.  They run hundreds of preventative and treatment programmes including weight management, exercise referrals, smoking cessation and cardiac rehabilitation.  Their remit is wide and the range of services and individuals delivering them plentiful.  

Having enjoyed rapid growth since starting the management of leisure services in 2004, Mytime Active found itself facing a significant information management and reporting challenge by 2011.  Their data collection and reporting to commissioners was achieved by utilising paper-based systems, emails, spread-sheets and a collection of Access databases.  The highly tailored make-up of services provided by the charity added to the challenge and the resulting output demand was hugely time consuming, difficult to analyse across the board and preventing continued growth.

Deciding that a new solution was required, Mytime Health set about identifying the core requirements.  These included the harmonisation of data, accuracy, completeness, process efficiency and, through a unique, flexible reporting model, evidence and insight.

Ruling out packaged solutions due to their inflexibility, Mytime Active selected DCSL Software based on our honest, straight-talking approach and willingness to really understand their processes at a grass roots level.  The solution was not just about consolidation, but asking difficult questions, redesigning processes and applying the right technology where it provided the most benefit. 

The solution had to consider every stakeholder’s role within the organisation and fully support them.  It needed to deliver ultimate flexibility, not only catering for current demands but those likely to arise in future commissions.  Protecting against an unknown future is no easy task, but working closely with our clients to understand their market and its needs, we delivered a solution that works.

Delivered as planned, ‘Quantum’ is now fully operational and producing significant value to the business.  Amongst several efficiency and data collection benefits, it also  enables programme managers full visibility on the services they provide and the ability to produce comprehensive evidence supporting their activities.  This places Mytime Health in a commanding position moving into the future.

Says Annie Holden, Mytime Health Division Manager, “Our users love it.  They have a single system that fully supports what they do”.  She continues, “Our commissioners, including many PCTs … think our solution is excellent.  Some think the range and detail of data we are able to provide is really remarkable”.

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