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Operating in a highly competitive market, Willis Networks prides itself on the high levels of value it extends to its brokers, in the form of training, marketing support and access to resources.

The diverse nature of the Willis broker networks meant there was little consistency in the IT systems used to manage customer information and contact activities. This restricted Willis' ability to be proactive with their customers. They wanted an easier way to influence partners' marketing activities, without incurring a cost for members.

DCSL Software was appointed with the aim or creating a system that would enable Willis to offer its clients templates which they could use for their own branded marketing activities.

The new system automated these campaigns in response to timely triggers, and monitored responses so that follow-up actions could be focussed on the customers most likely to repurchase. The custom-built CRM system was provided as a hosted service, which means there are no upfront licence costs.

"We estimate that this system will save us £120,000 over the first three years" stated Howard Robinson, Marketing Consultant at Willis Networks.

The solution has also changed how members deploy their marketing campaigns. Whereas previously it was costing them £700-800 in distribution costs alone, they can now manage these electronically, eliminating postal costs and giving brokers much greater control over customer segmentation and monitoring of responses.

At the same time, the system gives Willis greater visibility of and control over its partners' marketing activities, so it can offer additional support where opportunities are being missed.

"This is a significant differentiator for us," Howard says. "It is completely unique in our marketplace, and a major addition to the marketing support we offer to our members - enabling us to help them in a way we couldn't before. This will enhance our relationships with our broker partners, while boosting sales for them and commissions for us. Everyone wins."

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