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Sports PLC - Sports Supply Business


Sports PLC is a fast-growing online sports supplies business with highly successful operations in the UK and United States. The company has come a long way since its early days of selling a limited number of product lines on eBay. Today, it supplies over 3,000 lines, from around 11 web sites in the UK and four in the US, including

This growth, whilst fantastic, stretched the original systems to breaking point. As James Millington, Sales Director, put it "While the older system had served us very well, it was developed when we were still very small, and managing a product range with perhaps 100 lines."

DCSL Software developed a new, more advanced back-end sales order processing application, based on Microsoft's .NET framework, which Sports PLC has now been using for approximately 4 years.

"Our new platform is very scalable." commented James Millington. "While each country has its own version of the sales order processing system for its web sites, this all feeds into a single, powerful database-driven application. This means that all of our sales information is linked to inventory management and customer relationship management, in a fully joined-up way."

James singles out the system's reporting capabilities as being particularly impressive. The ability to forecast the peaks and troughs of business means, for example, that stock levels are maintained at an optimum level. "This has had a direct impact on sales," James Millington explains. "Our major lines can sell at a rate of 1,000 units a month. Not being out of stock can mean the difference between us being able to secure £50,000 in revenue per month per line or not."

The flexibility of the system, and DCSL's commitment to the highest levels of service, mean that innovation is constant too. "They're always surprising us," James smiles. "They're continually coming to us and saying, 'We've been working on this and we think you’ll like it.' That's priceless."

Now that the main interface is solid, DCSL and Sports PLC are looking at the next logical steps in the retail environment – integration with other systems such as eBay and Amazon and looking to the mobile space.

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