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Over the last 15 years, The Graham High Group (GHG) has grown from a staff of three to around 75, many of whom now work remotely. All members of the team need rapid, efficient access to case files and related correspondence so they can work to maximum efficiency.

As GHG began to handle more clients the company needed a way of storing all of this information together with the case files, client contact information, and financial data relating to each case. In addition, there was a growing need for management information, so that GHG could track the progress of cases and produce reports for clients.

DCSL Software developed and delivered Horizon, a bespoke system built to GHG's exact needs. As John Hall, Operations Director, puts it "DCSL has developed a repository to record all of the information relating to individual parcels of work. This means we have everything we need on individual claims in one place, in a format that is easily searchable."

DCSL also created an infrastructure that enabled GHG to produce management reports, both for internal use, and for the benefit of client insurers who may want to monitor the profile and frequency of claims over a given period.

While John is unable to put an exact value on the impact the Horizon system has had on the firm, he notes that GHG as a business wouldn't have been able to grow much larger without it.

"It was a 'must-have' rather than a luxury," stated John, "It has been a real bonus to see how much the system impresses our clients at meetings. It offers us a competitive edge. We're told the software is as good a system as any out there on the market."

Most importantly, Horizon enables GHG to be slicker and more efficient in its case-handling, enabling the business to take on more work. Staff can work remotely, too, safe in the knowledge that they can access the same information wherever they are. The foundations set by Horizon, mean that GHG can continue to innovate and provide new services for its clients from a robust base.

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