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Partnership Pathology Services (PPS) is a joint clinical directorate of the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Trust and Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. It provides a comprehensive service to in-patients and out-patients on both sites, to General Practitioners within three Primary Care Trusts, to Community Hospitals and to the private sector.

Among its services, PPS provides an External Quality Assessment Scheme, known as Qpoint, to leading international manufacturers of blood glucose meters. Frimley Park Hospital wanted to be able to create a system whereby readings could be submitted and analysed automatically. This would need to incorporate a secure web portal, allowing Qpoint participants to enter meter readings online, whilst also providing an area where the manufacturers would be able to gain access to reports and manage participant information easily.

DCSL Software built a Microsoft SQL Server database, hosted on a remote server that held all application data.  It was accessed via secure Web services by known client machines over the Internet for added security.

Once users have entered their readings, the system creates a 'score' for each meter. Any identified problems are immediately flagged to the user via post, SMS or email. The application also automated many of the day-to-day administration associated with running the Qpoint scheme, including processing of data, billing, reporting, printing and maintenance.

Qpoint is expanding all the time. With several thousand users already, the system is now scalable and capable of serving potentially millions of participants across the world.

"DCSL provides an exemplary service, responding intelligently to difficult concepts to provide the best IT solutions. The software far exceeds our previous system in that it allows for expansion, it is slick and easy to use, and offers advantages to manufacturers who use our service." Commented Lynda Petley, manager of the point-of-care testing team at Partnership Pathology Services, "For example, the manufacturer customer care teams can access client details on the database and log calls. In this way, they are able to build a chronological history of their interactions and facilitate continuous updating of the database. This ensures a high-quality service to the end users."

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