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All about DCSL Software

Since its inception in 1994, DCSL's team have succeeded in mastering the latest technologies and development processes, gaining experience developing software solutions for a wide range of applications.

Being able to draw on such a diverse pool of knowledge has enabled DCSL to make the construction of database solutions quicker and cheaper than ever before. However, producing affordable software has not been our only goal. Customer satisfaction has played a key part in the success of DCSL's relationships with its clients.

Our multi-disciplined team of dedicated and experienced staff combine key skills in listening and understanding, planning and developing, and delivery and after-care support. This winning combination has proven to exceed client expectations, providing far more than just a software solution.

DCSL was established in 1994 by Andrew Millington and Chris Crawshay, followed shortly by Nick Thompson. From the outset DCSL specialised in bespoke RAD database-driven applications, then gained experience in areas such as client/server applications, web applications and mobile applications. At the same time DCSL hired hardware and networking specialists who were needed to install and maintain the infrastructure to support these fast growing applications. It soon became clear that focus was needed, and as such DCSL quickly spawned three separately managed businesses: DCSL Software Ltd, DCSL Services Ltd and Exclaimer Ltd. In 2009, DCSL Software acquired Intersales Ltd to continue to develop, market and distribute the software product First Contact SAAS. In 2011, the DCSL Services division separated from the DCSL Group and is now Opus IT Ltd.

In 2013 DCSL Software was acquired and is wholly operated by DCSL Management Ltd. – Bespoke Software Development Services – Telemarketing & CRM Solutions